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DJ320 Series
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The integrated machine adopts the casting parts.The precision straight-line rectangular guide rail features pre-tightening,good stability and high precision.The grinding-scale precision ball screw is also pre-tightened and high-precision.The simple operations of carving control software system are easy to learn and grasp.The international-standard G-code instructions are employed by the interface to ensure compatibility with programming sofaware at home and abroad.



Mainly applicable to smelting tool processing,plate cutting,gilding plate proceesing,etc.



Item Name Item Content
X,Y and Z axle movement positioning precision 0.01mm
X,Y and Z axle repeated positioning precision 0.01mm
Planeness of the workbench ≤0.02mm
X and Y perpendicularity 0.02/800mm
X,Y and Z axle working stroke 800×800×110mm
Dimensions of the workbench 850×850mm
Z-direction spatial height 230mm
Spindle motor output power 2.2Kw
Spindle speed 12000-24000rpm(continuously variable transmission)
Working voltage Single-phase 220V/50Hz±10%
Driving system Servo
Machine tool weight 2000Kg
Appearance dimensions of the machine tool 2140×2380×1850mm