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The integrated machine adopts the casting parts.The three axles all adopt the rolling straight-line guide rail,and the sliding blocks are pre-tightened,leaving no intervals among them.All axle screws are precision ball screws,which are characterized by abrasion wearing,a small friction coefficient and a high positioning precision and flexibility,movement stability.The interface adopts the international-standard G-code instructions to ensure compatibility with carving software at home and abroad,and convenience of operations.



Mainly applicable to high-frequency die,dripping die,small-scale die,jig processing,organic glass,shoe mold manufacturing,etc.



Item Name Item Content
X,Y and Z axle movement positioning precision 0.01mm
X,Y and Z axle repeated positioning precision 0.01mm
Planeness of the workbench ≤0.02mm
X and Y perpendicularity 0.02/400mm
X,Y and Z axle working stroke 400×400×110mm
Dimensions of the workbench 480×480mm
Z-direction spatial height 290mm
Spindle motor output power 2.2Kw
Spindle speed 12000-24000rpm(continuously variable transmission)
Working voltage Single-phase 220V/50Hz±10%
Driving system Servo
Machine tool weight 1100Kg
Appearance dimensions of the machine tool 1290×1400×1780mm
Optional items 4th axle/double Z axle

Note: E full cover A servo




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